Being Awesome




  1. the fact of exisiting; existence
  2. conscious, mortal existence
  3. substance or nature
  4. something that exists
  5. a living thing
  6. a human being; person


[aw-suh m]


  1. inspiring awe
  2. showing or characterized by awe
  3. Slang. very impressive

be•ing awe•some

[bee-ing] [aw-suh m]

-way of life

  1. existing in a state of awesomeness
  2. consciouscly characterized by awe
  3. a very impressive human being; a happy and healthy person

About the Header Image

My wife and I no longer reside in the Sedona area. In fact, we technically reside in Box Elder, South Dakota. We are nomads. I travel the nation, living in an 18' travel trailer, teaching martial arts and writing.

Margaret, my wife, is a long distance trail runner so travels to attend races.

We still consider Sedona home, though, and return there several times a year. At some point in the future, we may decide to reside there again. For now, though, we're enjoying the nomadic lifestyle.

The header image is a picture of Steamboat Rock, one of our favorite formations in Sedona. I think it's a good representation of being awesome.